Friday, February 19, 2010

Bath time Maggie-isms

Maggie takes her baths alone. She loves to spend about an hour playing in the tub, so I take advantage of knowing exactly where she is to relax, watch what TV I want, play on the computer (though with giving up Facebook and my parenting site, I didn't spend as much time on the computer last night). Last night, I got in a little Wii workout, which I haven't done as much of lately. I need to as the yoga really helps my back and round ligament pain. So, as I was getting close to finished, Maggie starts calling for me. Daddy responds to her with "Maggie, what do you need?" and of course Maggie replies "I need Mommy!" So I finish up the downward facing dog pose and trudge upstairs where Maggie says "Mommy, I'm done" (helping her out of the bath is of course my job. No matter how many times I tell her it's okay for Daddy to see her naked or with her underpants on, she just doesn't want him to see her naked. Probably because he teases her with "I see a naked butt" or "I can see your underpants!")

I help her out of the tub and get her dried off when I notice her bath rug is SOAKED. As in dripping wet. Water is still running down the side of the tub a little as well. So I put her towel down to help clean up a bit and get her a new towel. And I ask her "Maggie, did you splash a lot?"

"No, Mom, but my invisible puppies and kitties and hamsters did."

I finished drying her off and said "Maggie, do you want to put your lotion on by yourself?" Of course she does. So I leave her alone in the bathroom to take her wet towels to the laundry room. As I leave I say "Maggie, when you are done with the lotion, put on your underpants and brush your teeth. I'm going to do one more thing in my work out and then I'll be up to help you."

In the middle of one final yoga stretch, Maggie hollars for me again "Mommy, come here!" "Maggie, what do you need?" "I need you to come here!" Which I assume is her usual code for just come and be by me. "In a minute!" So I finish up. I put away the Wii. I take my time getting upstairs to her bathroom. When I get there, Maggie is in covering herself modestly and is in a THICK layer of lotion. Then I notice she is standing in some water. It comes to me. "Maggie, did you pee on the floor?"

"No, Mom. But I was jumping up and down and some came out."

I'm still going to let her bath alone.

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