Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Womb with a View

On Thursday, Feb 11, we had THE ultrasound.  Fingers, toes, heart chambers, kidneys, arms and legs were counted (and all were there).  We watched blood flow through the heart (which was just astounding and in color).  Baby was laying face down and kept his/her hands over his/her face the whole time.  Not a lot of movement, but just watching the heartbeat was good enough for me.  As Rocky would probably say, I got my way AGAIN and we did not find out the sex.  He was still on the fence and so if he doesn’t really want to know now, we are waiting.  I was also warned by the tech to not go into the hospital system and look at my record as it is there (of course, we are not supposed to be looking at our records and I don’t have access anyway).  So, if he decides at some point before the end that he must know, we can always ask.  But I think he would rather that just he know and then he can torture me for the next 4.5 months.

Image01Image02 Image04 And the view from the outside:


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