Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Preschool Homework

Yes, there is even homework in preschool. Maggie needed to make a "habitat" for preschool. We threw away the original instructions, so we winged it. Maggie decided she wanted to make a bird habitat, so we went to Hobby Lobby last weekend and Maggie picked out some birds, feathers and some brown streamers to make her nest. We put down some newspaper and got out the glue. She was very conservative with the glue (I was a bit surprised), so we'll see if her nest survives preschool. She carried it into daycare very carefully, and reluctantly handed it over to the janitor who offered to put it into the preschool room for her. She had wanted to keep it in daycare for all to see, but I have a feeling the little birds wouldn't have made it to preschool.

Maggie did a great job! She was very very proud.

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