Sunday, April 5, 2009

Maggie embraces her feminine side

Maggie loves being a girl. She loves to play with make-up and decorate whatever faces (which includes eyes, lips, cheeks and noses), feet and hands. She loves to have me paint her fingernails -- which unfortunately does nothing to curb her biting her nails.

I found a cheerleader costume that Aunt Tammy had sent (which Rocky had sent to 2 nieces when he attended the University of Memphis). She found some pon-poms and went to town. I'm not sure where she has seen cheerleaders before, but she seemed to know exactly what to do.

Then, last week, she received an invitation to a Princess themed birthday party. She carried the card around all week and talked about going to Madison's party at Chuck E Cheese where she would dress up like Snow White. She was sick Thursday and Friday, so rather than taking her out to pick out a costume, Rocky stopped by Wal-Mart and found something better than a Snow White outfit: he found a box with lots of different princess outfits. Maggie was thrilled! She pulled everything out and tried on the purple outfit first. She really loves the shoes.
She had a lot of fun at the party. She climbed through the tunnel with Madison and played lots of games. She didn't really seem to care when Chuck E Cheese showed up, but enjoyed playing with the friends who were there from day care.

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