Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kicked out of Yellowstone, Again

So, it's been between 40-50 degrees most of the week and the forecast is not looking much like it will improve. We have heard teens/twenties as overnight lows in Yellowstone this weekend, so we have postponed the camping trip. Camping in Yellowstone is going to be cold regardless of when you go, so it's just a matter of how cold you are willing to bear. Sub-zero is more than we WANT to bear, even with a camping heater, 20 degree sleeping bags and our personal heater, who we lovingly call Maggie -- seriously, snuggle with that girl for a few minutes and you may break a sweat.

But, when I called to cancel our reservation, I was informed that the snow is beautiful. Rocky and I had already decided to get a room and so I booked a room a Mammoth Hot Springs for 2 nights (instead of the 3 we originally planned on). We can still bring our own food and picnic in the park, so Maggie can have her hot dogs and marshmallows. We can still bring her princess sleeping bag (and maybe she'll even sleep in it!). But we will have real beds, solid walls and doors, a toilet and shower and still enjoy all the park has to offer. It will be a nice mini-vacation.


Rocky told Maggie that we are going to Yellowstone Park and we are going to a cabin. She asked if we can go to a pink park. She told me that we are going to see a "baby buffalo, a mommy buffalo and a daddy buffalo."

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