Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just another Saturday

Today, we ran some errands. Included were a trip to the "hair cut store" and the "shoe shopping store" for Maggie. She was really good during the hair cut. We went to Payless for the BOGO sale as Maggie really needed/s new tennis shoes and summer sandles. We left, only $17.00 later, with a pair of tennis shoes and Dora flip flops. Maggie fell instantly in love with the flip flops and how can you say no to such a small request? At 3 1/2 she can get away with wearing flip flops to church.

After shopping we had lunch at Old Chicago's. I missed Old Chicago's when I moved out of Colorado. Back in the day, I completed the World Beer Tour and participated in several group tours. Today, however, there was no beer tour. We had lunch and Maggie ate really well. Then she decided she needed to "exercise" so she started doing push-ups in the booth. She can even do one-handed push-ups. Who knew?!?

She got a blue balloon when we left. She "needed" to bring it in with us to Hobby Lobby. We attached it to her mitten clip and as we walked in she said "Watch out Blue Balloon, don't forget to duck!"

She threw a little fit asking for Starburst when we checked out, so we went home instead of grocery shopping. Rocky distracted her while I went back out. I'm rather glad I got to go alone. It was screaming child day. It's amazing how your thought process changes after you have a child of your own. I felt sorry for those parents and happy I had left my child at home -- because I know she would have fit right in with the other screaming children.

After successfully using the potty to go poopy, Maggie declared: "I'm a big girl! No, I'm a big Spider-Man!"

Currently, she is trying to get Otis to chase her and Rocky is mowing the lawn. It's much nicer than it was the past few days, though not yet as nice as it was Wednesday. Wednesday it hit 80 and we sat outside on the front porch after dinner. I think I have convinced Rocky that we should get some outdoor furniture. Maggie enjoyed talking in her loudest voice so she could hear her voice echo.

But it is just another Saturday. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day! I love the Spider-Man comment. Maggie sounds like so much fun!