Monday, May 4, 2009

Home from Yellowstone

We had a really great trip to Yellowstone. The cabins were nice and the weather was GREAT. We probably could have camped, but it was nice to shower each morning. We didn't get to picnic as most of the picnic areas were still covered in several feet of snow, so we splurged and ate most of our meals in the restaurants.

It was opening weekend for most of the park. There's only one road (the road to Cooke City) that is open year round. This weekend, the roads to Old Faithful and Yellowstone Lake opened. It was also the first weekend the hotel and cabins were open and we were the very first to check in. We were asked if it was a tradition for us to come on opening weekend. It is now!

As with most trips to Yellowstone, we did a lot of driving. Maggie (and we) got a little tired of it, so Saturday afternoon, we just hung out in Mammoth (plus gas is a lot more expensive in the park!)

I posted most of the pictures on Facebook, so rather than duplicate my efforts, just click here and see the photos and comments. Rocky hasn't downloaded his photos yet, so I'll add those later. He got some great shots of elk and bison and even some bison calves -- which are adorable, but I wouldn't want to piss off Momma Bison!

It was a wonderful trip and we can't wait to go back. Rocky and I have started talking about working there after retirement (or winning the lottery, which ever comes first).

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