Friday, March 27, 2009

Kiddie Lit

As a life long reader, one of the things I have looked forward to is sharing some of my favorite books with my children. Having a daughter, I am really looking forward to sharing the "Little House" series. Of course, at 3 1/2, she's not quite ready to listen to a chapter book so we share other books. Some I remember and some I don't. One thing that has really surprised me lately, though, is the number of really good new books out there that Maggie has introduced me to. We have developed a routine when I drop her off at daycare that includes reading a story. If certain friends are there, they have learned to run over and listen to the story as well. Maggie gets to pick out the story (within reason -- there is a Richard Scary Word book in the pile and I don't like to read that as it is mostly word recognition with no story). At home the classics make their rotation in her favorites, but the list below are the regulars at daycare. I love them because the stories are cute, typically have an easy moral, and are easy for Maggie to "help" me read.

No David This one joined the rotation today and I just LOVED it. Little David is constantly told No, Don't, Stop, Get Back Here, but in the end gets a big hug and I love you from Mom. The drawings are somewhat crude and I think David is a little scary looking, but Maggie loved it and really "read" it to me.
Don't Be Silly, Mrs. Millie Mrs Millie is so silly she gets her words mixed up. She asks the children to stand in the lion, wash with soap and walrus, get out their paper and penguins. Maggie just loves to say "Don't be Silly Mrs. Millie. I don't write with a penguin. I write with a pencil!" The story is easy for Maggie to remember, so it's fun to talk about at supper as well.
Silly Sally Silly Sally goes to town walking backwards upside down and meets animals doing crazy things along the way. This is a short book that has a lot of different rhymes. Maggie loves silly things right now, so she giggles through the whole story.
Hiccupotomus Poor hippopotamus! He has the hiccups. Maggie loves to pretend she has the hiccups with the hippo and loves the silly rhymes! "There was a hippopotamus who hiccuped quite a lot-amus!"
Hippo-not-amus Portly is a little hippo who doesn't want to be a hippo anymore and takes on favorite features from different animals along the way. What exactly does a hippo-gir-ele-bat-onoceros eat? This story is a little longer and doesn't rhyme, but it has a nice rhythm that Maggie enjoys.

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  1. thanks for the recommendations. I am going to check them out. total sucker for a good children's book.