Monday, November 5, 2012


I was reviewing some past posts from this summer earlier today and came across some where I was lamenting our place here, our present, our future. Here we are several months later and not much has changed, though Rocky is now employed in a position he enjoys, for the most part.  More changes are coming at my work as my VP has resigned and will be leaving for Grand Forks ND in December.  It is an interesting opportunity for my office. Where will we go from here? Who will lead us? Rocky says I should apply, but I'm not certain I'm ready for that level of responsibility or commitment. While I'm intrigued by the idea, I'm not convinced it is where The Lord is leading me.  Of course, I've been lax in my time with him, so maybe I just can't see the path or hear his voice. 

Today, I am home with Maggie who was feeling sick earlier. As she is now resting, I picked up my Joyce Meyer devotional book, which I have neglected as well.  Today's devotional was about potential.  Why am I always amazed whenever something hits me at just the right time?  She specifically writes about a work promotion.
Potential cannot be manifested without form. There must be something for it to be poured into, something that will cause it to take shape and become useful. For instance, when you are offered a promotion, you are being offered a form in which to pour your potential.  You will never see it take shape unless you do something to exercise it. 
Lord, I know that you have placed great potential inside of me, and I ask Your help in reaching mine. All things are possible with you. (Matthew 19:26) Amen.

Let this be my prayer for the next few weeks.

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