Saturday, November 3, 2012

More Joy!

So here we are in November.  And I'm not even up to 500 yet. I don't think I'm going to make it to 1000 by December 31. I'm a little disappointed to not reach the goal, but I do not plan to stop. Looking for the joys in everyday life has been such a blessing that I can't imagine stopping. So I will celebrate when I get to 1000, but I do not plan to stop there. I will continue to look for the blessings in the everyday.

287. I have a reputation at work for not being a gossip
288. Starbucks coffee with Rocky
289. The awe of every fall morning, of the beautiful sun ruse, pink clouds and baby blue sky
290. The vibrantly colored leaves. The red contrast against the yellow
291. Dinner ready when I get home from work
292. Maggie's whispered I love you
293. Maggie wanting to snuggle "I just want to touch you."
294. Jessie's giggles with Papa
295. A fun work celebration
296. New paint in our office
297. Dinner out with friends
298. Laughing a silly things
299. A beautiful evening for a walk downtown
300. Fresh donuts
301. Watching a cattle drive through downtown Billings
302. The corn maze with Girl Scouts
303. Watching the girls enjoy the slide
304. Jessie telling me I'm pretty, she loves me, and singing in my ear
305. Fetch with Rusty in the morning
306. Quiet evening at home
307. Singing with the choir
308. Girl Scout leadership training & sharing ideas
309. The Girl Scout mission: courage, confidence & character
310. Watching Halloween shows with the girls
311. Maggie in costume 4 days before Halloween
312. Planning a Halloween themed supper
313. Going to Boo at the Zoo
314. Maggie & Ellie running together & Jessie playing on the playground
315. Jessie falling asleep on the way home
316. Snuggling with my girls
317. Breakfast in the kitchen while watching Treehouse of Horror
318. Halloween candy after breakfast
319. The courage & opportunity to speak up at work.
320. Maggie taking Jessie trick or treating
321. Jessie telling Rocky & me to kiss
322. The sounds of Jessie playing
323. All the Halloween parties!
324. The Girl Scouts bobbing for apples
325. The Girl Scouts in costume
326. Watching The Great Pumpkin and listening to the girls giggle
327. Jessie "getting" Halloween: saying trick or treat, thank you, hanging on to her bucket, pouring out her candy when we got home
328. The girls' excitement when a trick or Treater would come to the door
329. The full moon hidden by clouds making the night extra "spooky"
330. Maggie singing in the shower
331. Jessie's laughter when she licks someone and says "I lick you me!"
332. Andre memories if when Maggie used to do the same
333. The attempt to imprint each girl into my memory -- their voice, their smell, the feel of their hand in mine
334. A quiet weekend to look forward to.
335. Jessie asking to watch the "Panna an a sneek!" (Kung Fu Panda)

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