Saturday, September 8, 2012

#1000gifts …

1 – 24
25 – 47
48 – 80
81 – 111

112. Watching the bees go from flower to flower
113. Another opportunity to seek God’s hand in a difficult situation
114. Sitting downtown Billings and listening to the quiet – just me, the breeze and the bugs.
115. Being a servant to my family by folding laundry
116. Being a servant to my family by making dinner
117. Lots of fresh fruits & veggies in my fridge
118. Volunteering bright & early at Bountiful Baskets
119. Hot, fresh, delicious donuts at the Farmer’s Market
120. Complaints about #firstworldproblems – complaining about these things helps me to remember I am truly blessed
121. Three day weekend!
122. Singing “Everlasting God” with the Praise Team at church, feeling a part of the heavenly choir
123. Trying a new recipe (refrigerator dill pickles) and being okay with them not turning out.
124. Fresh peaches and cream
125. First crushes on my little girl
126. A car repair that was less expensive than expected.
127. A glass of wine after a long day.
128. Jessie helping me write my list
129. Maggie telling me all about the baking soda volcano her class made and all the colors they used.
130. Crisp mornings with that “fall” smell
131. Football & chili!
132. More time outside as the weather cools down.
133.  My marriage growing closer to each other & God
134. Good results from a Tim’s Cardioversion procedure
135. Making freezer meals with Chris & Alyssa
136. Morning pastries with Maggie at school
137. Red red wine
138. Maggie singing as she gets ready for bed
139. Ability to complain about work, for it means I’m gainfully employed and I care about what I do
140. Playing with Jessie & the dog toys at Bed Bath & Beyond
141. Spending a wild Saturday night in the bathroom watching my girls play together.
142. Afternoon lunch with Diane, Yvette & Wanda


  1. What a cute list! Thank you for sharing it.

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