Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Seeking His Gifts in the Trying Times

This past week it was difficult to see the gifts, and even more difficult to be deliberately thankful.  We said goodbye to Wiconi.  I’m not quite ready to write her post yet.  She was a wonderful dog who surprised us in many ways.Girls_Wiconi_photo

I did add to my list though.  It helps.  Even when it hurts, even when it’s hard, finding things to be thankful about, finding the little gifts in life help me understand that this truly is all worthwhile.

143. Sunday School!
144. Lunch with friends, Becky & Barry
145. Vikings win their season opener!
146. Time outside with Wiconi
147. Wiconi’s smile
148. Playing CandyLand with Maggie
149. Cucumbers from the garden
150. Snuggling with Jessie watching “Finding Nemo” clips on YouTube
151. New coffee mugs
152. A little extra cash from selling things on eBay
153. Quality time with Wiconi & Rusty this morning
154. A 2-headed sunflower
155. A new, full-filling job for Rocky
156. Flexibility in my work hours to be able to participate in Girl Scouts with Maggie
157. My phone was able to be repaired!
158. A beautiful morning
159. Lunch with Rocky
160. Leading the league in Fantasy Football
161. Teaching Maggie about the Rainbow Bridge
162. Girls’ day with Maggie & Jessie
163. Bright red sunset
164. Smiling dogs
165. Playing fetch with Rusty
166. Puppy kisses
167. Resisting the temptation to gossip
168. Job interviews, new opportunities
169. A reminder of a difficult time in life, but also being able to see how that time has put me where I am today.
170. Watching the girls play in the tub
171. The right decision, no matter how difficult it was to make
172. Jessie making faces in the mirror
173. Fried chicken
174. Challenging discussions in Sunday School
175. Maggie being thankful for the Dinosaur Museum
176. A 2 year old, a puppy and bubbles!
177. Listening to Jessie tell Rusty to sit
178. Realizing that in God’s telling me to “Fear not,” he is really telling me “Don’t run.”
179. The smell the first time you turn on the furnace.
180. Taking Rusty for a walk in the morning sun with Maggie.

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