Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Wine Cellar

My cellar is a 20 bottle wine rack Rocky & I purchased with a gift card to Bed Bath & 2012-03-03_17-47-06_769Beyond after our wedding.  In Virginia, it sat in the dining room (which we never really used other than for storage) and here, it ended up in the crawl space, which is actually the very best place EVER for a wine rack!  My wine is always at the best temperature, especially the reds.  I’m even enjoying the whites that I store at this temperature (the Barefoot wines of the world rarely make it to the cellar).  Since joining the wine club, my “collection” has started to grow and I’m just now starting to contemplate a 2nd rack.  I really like the idea of letting some of the Cabs and earthier wines sit for a year or two before opening.  And if that’s the case, a 2nd rack, further into the crawl space, may be just what I need. 


I was completely remiss in updating the wine club selections for February.  Part of the reason I didn’t update was when I read through the selection descriptions, I thought they might be better if they sit for a bit, or at least when we are having a hearty meal or sharing pizza with friends.  This wine club has really gotten me drinking a lot of reds, and I’m discovering I prefer reds on day 2, rather than day 1.  But it’s hard to open a bottle and not drink!

Tonight, I opened a bottle of Cameron Hughes Field Blend, Lot 313 (not part of the club selections). A 2010 blend of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Syrah and Carignane.  We tasted this at Simply Wine a few weeks ago at a Cameron Hughes tasting.  The Field Blend was my favorite, and I ended up purchasing 2 bottles, at $11.99 each.  The Lot series is interesting.  They collect small lots of high quality wine from the world’s best regions.  This wine is smooth, juicy/berry tasting, without a lingering after taste.  It paired nicely with the steak tonight.

So, upcoming.  From February, we have

And in March:

  • Zin Your Face, another Cameron Hughes, so I’m looking forward to this “jammy” wine.
  • Hecula Monastrell (unable to find a website with information)
  • Grangia  Vino Blanco (unable to find a website in English with informaiton)

I will reference back here for links to the wineries as I enjoy these wines.

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