Monday, March 12, 2012

Inspired by “The Lorax”

Rocky took Maggie to “The Lorax.”  She LOVED it!  When they got home, she told me, it was the Best. Movie. Ever. Since then, she has stopped conversation several times to tell me about something funny that happened in the movie, or a line that made her laugh.  This weekend, it was so nice, we had the sidewalk chalk out and, while Jessie napped, Maggie & I hung out in the front yard where she started drawing “And Mom, you will have to guess, but I will give you hints.”  Turns out, she was drawing a “Truffula Tree,” though she didn’t have a black chalk, so she used the colors she liked best.  She explained to me that we had to draw stumps too.  Once the tree was complete, she drew a sun with the last Truffula seed planted below.

Sidewalk chalk1Sidewalk chalk3

“Mom, the movie just makes me want to draw!”

Sidewalk chalk2

The finished drawing:

Sidewalk chalk4

My beautiful artist

Sidewalk chalk5

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