Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And Now We Have Jessie-isms!

So hard to believe Jessie is almost 2 years old already. She has become her own independent person and is starting to be more of a little girl than a toddler -- though her not-quite-grown in hair keeps her looking like a baby. She is talking a lot and much more of it is understandable. About a week ago she said her first prayer at bedtime: "Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, puppy. Ah-man!" She also reminds us to pray before dinner time, at least when we eat at the table. She seems to be enjoying her time at home with Daddy. He's getting her on something that resembles a schedule, now if Mommy would just follow it too! She is trying to figure him out though. The other day at nap time when crying didn't work she started with "Daddy, are you?"  She loves to see the "an-mas" at the Zoo. Last weekend the tigers were front and center and she pointed out the "maows" to us. (Both girls thought it was cool when one tiger decided to "mark" the glass! ) Jessie also loves both Rusty and Wiconi. Wiconi is fairly tolerant of her while Rusty loves to try to play with her. She has been trying to give both dogs commands though her "ahout" (out) and "it" (sit) are not carrying much weight with either of them yet!

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