Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life’s a Beach

 2011-08-20_14-23-07_304After getting home from swimming lessons and running some errands, Maggie wanted to go to the beach at Lake Elmo State Park.  I use the word beach loosely because after living for a few years in Michigan and hanging at Lake Michigan, Lake Elmo doesn’t really stand up.  However, it does have sand and cool water, which for Maggie is all you need to have a beach.  So we loaded the girls into the little red wagon, along with towels, buckets, shovels & other beach toys and, of course, Jessie’s “bah-bee” (her blanket & baby doll). [She calls everything “bah-bee” right now.  Momma & Daddy come out every once in a while, but otherwise “bah-bee” is the catch-all.]

Maggie & Rocky went right in the water and I had expected Jessie to just want to play/eat in the sand.  I was wrong.  She made a beeline for the water and spent the rest of our hour there with a Lake Elmo filled diaper.2011-08-20_14-22-53_320

Maggie enjoyed running in and out of the water and playing in the sand. 

It was a beautiful Saturday, though a little hot.  I got a little more sun on my shoulders than I wanted to.  Jessie kept her hat on most of the time we were there [I did have her bald head covered in sunblock, just in case.]  She was the one to tell us she was ready to go by climbing back into the wagon.

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