Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"My First Day of Kindergarten" (in Maggie's words)

It was so fun & cool. Do you know what we use at nap time? Bean bags! There was a big rock for us to jump off of. Dad, lunch was really good and tomorrow I'm going to bring my own lunch. We carried lunch on a tray and the cafeteria was in the gym. We used the cafeteria of the old gym and I got to use my new shoes!

Two more friends sit at my table but I don't remember their name! At the end of the day Mrs Rodacker gave us a treat and I got an orange tootsie roll that tasted like a pumpkin! A pumpkin, Mom!!

At the end of the day we walked with a teacher to the bus! There were three other kids on the bus. The bus took me to swimming lessons. [Maggie is going to the YMCA for the after school program, which is where she had swimming lessons. She will get to swim there on Fridays.]

My favorite part of today was the playground! My second favorite was the treasure chest! My subject was toys! I liked science but we didn't really do science today.

Kindergarten was the best! I am looking forward to tomorrow!

[Maggie also told me how at recess they took a nature walk outside the playground and Mrs Rodacker took pictures of them. She was exhausted and hungry when I picked her up at the Y. I need to be sure to always have a snack & drink in my car for her! When bedtime rolled around, she went willingly and fell right asleep!]
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  1. what a great perspective!! love how it's written from her view!!!