Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of SCHOOL!!! (part 1)

We had a very very exited Maggie on our hands this morning.  We thought we would sleep in, but sleep habits do not break easy.  Rocky & I were up at our usual time, but Maggie woke up not too long after us.  She came and snuggled with me while Rocky showered and then with him while I showered.  Then she decided she wanted to shower (again, she took one last night).  We watched some “Sponge Bob.”  After her shower, we found her dress and Rocky got the camera out. He does a first day of school story every year with a Kindergartner and this year, of course, the story was with Maggie.

He got some video with her and then we went to the kitchen and I 2011-08-24_07-49-32_491made pancakes (her favorite breakfast).  I even made a Mickey Mouse shaped pancake, which turned out pretty good!!  We had so much extra time, but it seems to fly by.  Rocky got more video and then Maggie could stand it no longer!  We decided to take Jessie to daycare first to kill some time.  And were almost late getting to school.  It turned out pretty good, actually as we were able to take Maggie right to her room.  She took her backpack right to her cubby and went directly to her chair (Ms Carol did a good job training her :).  I had to ask her for a high 5 and hug!  In a few minutes, I’m heading back to school to make sure she gets on the Y bus for the afterschool program as she decided she wants to go there today.

I cried, a little. Tears of happiness, tears of pride, and a few tears of sadness – my little girl is growing up.  I can’t wait to hear all about her first day at school!

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