Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Goodbye Preschool

Today was Maggie’s last day at daycare/preschool. It was harder to drop her off than I had expected it to be. I didn’t cry [though I 336097_10150269287726547_551991546_7699216_5369269_ocompletely expect to tomorrow]. We read one last story at drop off – that was something we started when we moved here from Virginia to help Maggie and I started dropping her off instead of Rocky. Not sure if that helped her or me more. We’ve been practicing our Kindergarten drop off, which will be a high five & a hug. Of course, we’ll have more time together at home before I take her to Kindergarten so we may read a story before we even leave for school.

Last night, Maggie picked out a thank you card for Ms Carol, her Pre-K teacher. She wrote everything but the word “teacher” and had some help spelling. She was a little worried that Ms Carol wasn’t going to be at school today, but I think Ms Carol didn’t want to miss some of her kids’ last day!

Today, we also got to go see Maggie’s new school & Kindergarten room and meet her teacher, Ms. Rodacker. Maggie was so excited about everything in her room, but especially the sink with a drinking fountain – right in her room! It looks like there are only 14 kids in her room. There are 2 Kindergarten classes, so probably around 28 Kindergarteners total.

I’m kind of surprised at how nervous I am about Maggie going to Kindergarten! I know she’s ready and excited [& I’m excited for her as well], but I’m still nervous. Nervous about her making friends, fitting in, yet still being true to who she is; nervous about dropping her off each morning and about her getting on the bus to go to the YMCA for the after school program each day (I’m going over to meet the bus when she gets on tomorrow afternoon, just to be sure). I’m nervous about her academically – will she be bored? will she be challenged?

I’m praying God will watch over her tomorrow. And me!


  1. Starting kindergarten? Sounds like so much fun! Especially with a high five to start it off!

  2. She will do great! Kindergarten is fun!