Friday, January 14, 2011

Noro Virus

Noro is a nasty bug! We dealt with it with Maggie. It was about a week before her 2nd Christmas when it went through her daycare. Rocky got it; I got a "light" version of it. It was NASTY.

Jessie has been fighting a cold for a couple of weeks -- I call it the daycare runny nose. So, when she had a huge spit up (what we thought it was at the time) at church, we thought it was due to all the phlegm built up. And we thought the same thing when she threw up at daycare the other day. But because she threw up at daycare, we had to stay home Wednesday (and enjoyed a " Parks & Rec" marathon courtesy of Netflix). She was fine all day Wednesday, until 2 a.m. when the puking began in earnest. So Rocky stayed home with her yesterday and got the brunt of it. I called the pediatrician and unfortunately, there is nothing they can do for noro, unless the baby gets dehydrated, which Jessie is not. They did recommend not giving her breastmilk as it could increase the phlegm. Rocky discovered Jessie does not like the orange, but does like the purple Pedialite. And did you know purple Pedialite comes out bright neon green?? That is really high on my list of things I really didn't need to know, ever.

She did pretty well through the night, but as she won't drink from a bottle for me, she did get a little breastmilk through the night. Rocky & I tag teamed today and I'm now snuggling with a sleepy Jessie. Hopefully, she will sleep through the night or at least not throw up in the night. I'm pretty sure all of my sheets are currently in some stage in the laundry.

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