Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 242

Almost 8 months old. I love that I can go to a website and calculate the number of actual days Jessie has been with us.

She is quite the handful. She loves to be where the action is and tends to get bored if stuck in one place too long. She is pulling herself up, loves to stand and has even cruised around a little, though her preference is to plop down and crawl to where she wants to go. She can make it up the stairs.

No teeth yet, but she does love to eat. She's definitely my daughter as she loves bread. The other night she enjoyed eating the roast and potatoes with the rest of us. She's getting good at getting her puff snacks in her mouth, though Otis is happy to see food hitting the floor again.

Today during Sunday School she had a great time playing with Anna Kulaga, though neither one was really sure what to do. Jessie attempted to offer her paci and then tried to take Anna's sippy cup. They tried to hug each other, but each would back away one the other got too close. I think they will have fun together once they are.big enough to actually play together.

I had hoped to get some pictures taken this weekend, but forgot. Maybe I can get it done next weekend, before she gets too much bigger!
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