Sunday, January 23, 2011

300 Posts

Wow. I can't believe this is the 300th post of the blog. I've contemplated posting several times this week, but never really formed a clear thought of what to post. So, the 300th post will be a hodge podge of highlights from the past week.

Jessie seems to be 100%. I am hoping getting Noro at this age boosts her immune system.

Jessie still hasn't cut any teeth. I haven't pulled out Maggie's baby book to see when she got hers, but that's more for curiosity than anything else.

She is all about nursing right now. I think she's trying to make up for lost time from when she was sick. At least I have mastered feeding her while laying down. My shoulders and hips don't appreciate how I've been sleeping, but I have a gift certificate from Rocky for a massage and need to get that scheduled. Hopefully Jessie will go back to normal and we may try getting her back in her crib at night.

The other night, Maggie told me that she wants to be the zookeeper at a petting zoo. So I asked her what kind of animals she would have there. She said she would have dogs, but not cats because "you are allergic, Mom." I told her it would be okay to have cats because other people might want to pet them. Then she told me that she would have fish, but would put up a sign that says "Don't pet the fish." She also mentioned she would have hamsters, but wasn't sure what else.

Rocky and I are taking the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace course with our small group at church. A lot of the tips we've seen so far are things we already know or were already doing. We've had a budget for some time. We even used to do the envelope system for gas and groceries. I'm a little reluctant to return to it as most thieves around here are just looking for cash. We do want to really start teaching Maggie about money. I got 3 coin purses from work and marked them Save, Spend, Give. Now, we just need to give her some chores and figure out the pay system for her.

The breastfeeding diet is still working! The weight is still coming off slowly and even more so as I'm trying to eat better, trying to add more veggies to our diet. I'm also trying to put together menus for the week to help with the food budget. I keep waiting for this diet to stop working, as I can't remember how long it worked with Maggie. But Maggie also got a lot more formula than Jessie's getting. I think there's maybe been 2 days Jessie's gotten it at daycare and maybe 1-2 small bottles when she was first born. I'm hoping to be able to keep pumping until Jessie is 12 months and see where the nursing goes from there.

I just realized we forgot to plant tulip bulbs last fall.

I think I want to have more people over for dinner on occasion. We'll have to see if it's something we can put in the Dave Ramsey budget.

I still need to come up with some new year's resolutions. Like finishing, um, starting the scrapbook for 2010. At least I have the blog to help me remember what we did when. I also want to start back in the Wii Fit at least once a week.

We're doing well without DirecTV. The only time I really have missed it is last Monday when I wanted to watch the BSC title game as Oregon was playing Auburn State. I posted on Facebook and got several links for some free streaming sites and was able to watch the game! When I was home with Jessie I watched a bad movie and the first 2 seasons of "Parks & Recreation" thanks to Netflix. We also tried Hulu Plus through the Blu-ray, but the streaming quality was poor.

It's been a pretty mild winter so far. We've had our cold snaps and some snow, but seems like there have been a lot more warm days and not enough snow. If it's going to be cold, we need to have snow. I'm sure we'll have more snowy and cold days before the season is over and I'm trying so hard to not wish away the year. Life's been moving too fast lately and I just want to take time to enjoy a little bit of each day. That should probably be my daily resolution.

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