Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Riesling Tasting

We've been talking about doing a wine tasting, some of the girls at church and me. Before Christmas, Chris Hunter mentioned that the children's ministry director's son works at a finery in Washington and he would be home for a few weeks and he may be interested in helping us with our wine night. And tonight it finally happened! Chris hosted, Todd picked out 4 rieslings, and everyone brought food or one of the selected wines. The first wine, Dirler Vin d'Alsace, was a dry riesling, which I don't think I'be had before. The second, Loosen Bros, was a bit sweeter and more what you would expect. The third, Poet's Leap, was supposed to be sweeter, but seemed fruitier, almost apple, to me and was my favorite. The last was an organic wine from Oregon, Montinore. It was very very smooth, very little after taste. I'll add a link to FB photos and to the wines tomorrow.
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