Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Was Here First!

Last night we took Maggie to the “I Was Here First!” class offered at big_sisterthe Billings Clinic.  It’s a class tailor-made for kids Maggie’s age on what to expect with a new baby.  Maggie is very excited about being a Big Sister, in theory.  She does seem to get a little apprehensive at times, especially when she realizes she is probably going to have to share her toys.  This is most likely the reason she wants a little brother.  She told Rocky the other day that she has little girl and big girl and boy toys.

I think the class was helpful for Maggie.  She drew a picture of her family (and the baby was in my tummy); we watched a silly video – which was her favorite; we learned how to hold, diaper and wrap a baby; we got to see a birthing suite where the baby will be born; and Maggie got a surgical mask (or hat for the baby) & hat.  She was very upset she didn’t get to keep the baby doll we practiced with, but got over it pretty quickly when we went to see the trout.  I think the class helped Maggie see the baby in more concrete terms, rather than the abstract.  She was a little upset that she won’t get to be in the room when the baby is born, but as she’ll most likely get to stay with Cousin Christy, she was pretty happy with that compromise.

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  1. What a cool class. We could have totally used something like this when the triplets were born but how does one prepare a 2 year old for that? ;)