Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bozeman Montana SALUTE!

We spent this past weekend in Bozeman. Probably a month ago or so, Maggie asked to see dinosaur bones, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to visit Bozeman and the Museum of the Rockies. We stayed at the C’Mon Inn, a nice hotel on the west end of Bozeman. Rocky & I took Friday off, so we slept in (or tried to in my case) and took our time getting ready to go. Rocky and Maggie took Otis and Wiconi to the dog hotel and we were on our way fairly early. We even brought along Maggie’s butterflies because only 2 had come out of their cocoons and we hoped to watch the others (I’ll post about her butterflies later).

We visited MSU first so Rocky could finally get his student ID (so we could get a discount to the museum) and had lunch on campus. Then we headed over to the Museum. We just missed the planetarium show and were told there was a kid-related one Saturday mornings, so we decided to go back to the museum the next day. The dinosaur part of the museum was really interesting, but there was growling and other possible dinosaur sounds that scared Maggie (and Rocky & I were happy we did not decide to take her to the dinosaur show in Billings earlier this spring!) So we headed to the hotel, after a quick stop at Target to get Maggie a new swimsuit.

Maggie LOVED the pool. With her new suit and her new floaties, she got brave fairly quickly and let go of us. While Rocky was trying to talk her into it the first time, Maggie told him “But Dad, I don’t want to die.” She loved “swimming” between us and playing “Shark Family”. We ended up spending most of Friday afternoon and evening in the pool and hot tubs.

Saturday, we went back to the Museum of the Rockies for the kid’s planetarium show “Larry Cat in Outer Space” which Maggie declared “the best movie ever.” After, we went to the Children’s Museum, which must have been in the middle of renovations because it felt more like a daycare center than a Children’s Museum. Maggie did enjoy the pulleys to make the big bubbles. We enjoyed hamburgers downtown for a bit of a late lunch and then it was back in the pool! We also hit Cold Stone Creamery for a late snack, and it rather ended up our supper as we were all full after that!

We had one last swim Sunday morning after breakfast and then headed home to Billings. Maggie was sad to leave, but felt better after she realized that her swimsuit and floaties were coming home with us. She had hoped we’d be able to get her swimming pool out once we got home, but the 50 degree weather precluded that.

More pictures from our trip are on Facebook.

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  1. Yay for little vacations like that! It sounds like you guys had an awesome time. :')