Monday, April 12, 2010

Another boring OB appointment

It's so nice to return from an OB appointment with nothing to report. Low blood pressure, weight is good (though I did gain 7 pounds in the last month; I really shouldn't complain about a 14 pound overall weight gain so far), 31 weeks along and measuring at 29, and as my OB put it "pregnancy seems to agree with you." Too bad this is the last time, then!

I am tired and feeling a little punchy/crabby and a little short with Maggie sometimes. I've been trying to redirect her when I'm tired to let's read a story rather than play. It was a bit of a rough weekend with the Circus (I'll post about that once I download the pictures) and I know she was a bit tired all weekend as well -- she went to bed early on Saturday and even took a nap yesterday.

A maximum of 11 weeks is left in this pregnancy and while the days seem to drag, the weeks seem to fly by. Maggie and I started going through toys this weekend and we should probably start dragging out baby equipment and clothes. I'm also thinking I need to clean out some room in the spare closet for the baby stuff in our room. Guess I am hitting the nesting stage.

Edited: I forgot to add baby's heartbeat was 141. For a while last night, I was thinking that was low and meant the baby is a boy, but after checking my notes from Maggie turns out her heartbeat was around that as well about this point. I know there are theories out there about gender prediction and heart rate, so we'll see which is true.

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