Saturday, April 3, 2010

Build a Bear Workshop

For quite a few years now, Grandma Bonnie has wanted to take Maggie to Build a Bear Workshop. As Grandma and Grandpa were coming up for the weekend anyway, Rocky suggested that this would be a good weekend to do so. And this afternoon we went. Maggie absolutely loved it! She picked out a brown and white dog. Later she told us, “My puppy said ‘pick me’, so I did because I just love her.” She had fun picking out the heart, dress, shoes, panties, bows and even a sound maker so her dog can bark and a pretty pink dog bed. She decided her dog’s name should be Maggie, “just like my name.” Her dog has not left her hands much since we got home. She is enjoying dressing and undressing her dog. I helped her once, but she told me I wasn’t doing it like it said “in the book.” Though as we dressed her dog, she decided that she could re-write her “book” on dog dressing.

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