Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Maggie!! (now with link to pictures!)

Maggie is 4 years old! She had a nice birthday: took treats to preschool, got to open a box from Grandma Alana with lots of great stuff and got a pop-up play house from Mommy and Daddy. She really had a lot of fun with that (and Wiconi likes it too!)

The biggest part of her birthday, however, was the birthday party at ZooMontana. We had the party at the Living Wall, which Maggie and her little friends just loved. We had cupcakes and Maggie opened presents. Then we had an animal encounter with the Flemish Giant Rabbit and then we went to see Bruno the Bear. The kids had a lot of fun watching Bruno play in the water.

8 of Maggie friends came to her party: Alex and his baby sister, Madison and Keiko, Jade, Lucius, Stephanie and Trevor. Everyone had a really nice time and I bet most of the kids ended up as Maggie did: asleep on the way home.

I've uploaded pictures to Facebook and you can see them here, even without a Facebook account!

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  1. Best. Smile. Ever! I love the tent pictures. Happy (belated) birthday!