Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why I no longer watch TV crime dramas

So I was walking the dogs this morning -- it seems to be my duty on Sunday mornings.  I don't mind it as the sun has already risen and I can take them on a longer walk as I'm not in a hurry to get back home.  The past 2 walks, I've taken them to the ditch behind Lake Elmo.  There is a path that I assume the parks department uses to turn on and off the water flow to the ditch.  The ditch runs through our area of the Heights and right past our backyard.  The path, however, does not.

So, Otis, Wiconi and I were walking this morning and my mind started to wander.  As I walk along the water, I started thinking about TV crime dramas and thought about how this is usually where someone finds "the body."  Then I wondered how long I would have to be gone before Rocky started getting worried about me, if something happened to me (this is NOT a dangerous area by any means, but TV crime dramas on the brain and you can see where I'm going).  Then I realized I have 2 large dogs with me.  No one would bother even a single woman with 2 large, vicious dogs right?  But, Otis and Wiconi aren't vicious.  They probably wouldn't even bark if someone came up to us.  Maybe if I was attacked.  And if I was, would they go right home?  Or would they wander the neighborhood a little bit with their new found freedom, thus increasing the amount of time it would take for anyone to realize there was something amiss.

Then I realized I'm walking the dogs in Billings MT where it is very unlikely that something would happen.  And I just have an overactive imagination sometimes.  And that's why I no longer watch TV crime dramas.

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