Sunday, September 13, 2009

The big moments

This week, Maggie started her 2nd year of preschool. She is once again in the Tuesday/Thursday class, as suggested by last year's teachers. However, she has new teachers this year, one who was a daycare teacher and knows her fairly well. Maggie was very excited to be with Miss Amy in preschool. Miss Amy thinks Maggie IS ready for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday class. We've started her in T/Th and will see what the recommendation is as the year progresses.

Today, Maggie started Sunday School. I was prepared to hang out with her for the hour, but after checking out the room and showing me all the animals on the rug (they have a Noah's Ark rug), she shooed me out of the room. I wasn't quite prepared -- I had even begged out of singing on the Praise Team as I didn't think I'd make the pre-church rehearsal (and also because we were skipping church to watch the opening game of the football season ;) ) -- so I made a quick trip to Albertson's and messed around with my mp3 player (and actually figured out how to do a few things). Maggie had a great time at Sunday School. They learned about Joseph and his "coat with all the colors" and Maggie got a pencil and 2 stickers!

And with these 2 momentous occasions, I did not take pictures. I didn't really think about it for Sunday School and the past 2 years of preschool I've only thought of it after the fact. Maggie goes to preschool from daycare and if we were to wait to take her in, it would throw off her schedule. I do plan to take a day off work when Maggie does go to Kindergarten and will get pictures then, so I try to not feel guilty about not capturing these special moments.

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