Saturday, September 5, 2009

Montana Livin'

It's a beautiful Saturday morning. Rocky has been walking the dogs each morning this week, so they woke us up early. Until we can figure out how to teach them to tell time, I'm afraid this will probably happen a lot. And of course, once Rocky got up, it wasn't long before I was up, and it wasn't long before Maggie was up. While Rocky was walking the dogs, I made coffee and got Maggie settled in with "Sesame Street". When Rocky got back, he turned on NPR and asked me to join him on the deck. Our deck is on the west side of our house, so we can watch the sky turn to blue as the sun finishes rising. The cows in the pasture are lowing. Mule deer are in the meadow across the ditch. The dogs are playing in the backyard and would soon join us on the deck. Hot coffee. Cool morning.

A mule doe and her fawn (still had his/her spots) were in the neighbor's yard a few mornings back. We watched the fawn get breakfast and then bound off. Wiconi watched intently. Another cool morning.

A Montana Life is definitely worth living!

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