Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Maggie-isms

Maggie has been quite the chatterbox today.

Our day started with a trip to the vet. Wiconi was in need of several shots and her heart worm test. Maggie went with me. She was fascinated with the entire process. She told the vet about our trip to Luccock Park and how she enjoyed sleeping in the cabin, in her sleeping bag. She told the vet about her birthday party (planned for next Saturday at the zoo). While the vet was listening to Wiconi's heart, Maggie commented that she couldn't hear her heart, which sounds like "bump bump." So the vet let Maggie listen with her stethoscope. Her face lit up as she heard the heartbeat and said "I hear it go bump bump." Later when telling Daddy about it, she said "The heart said 'hi, I'm a heart."

At supper, we were trying to get Maggie to try some potatoes and peas. Earlier in the day, Daddy and Maggie bought her Halloween costume: a pink witch. In an effort to encourage her, Daddy said "Maggie, the book says that good witches eat their potatoes." To which Maggie replied, "MY book says witches don't eat their potatoes."

Maggie helped me make brownies tonight. After we were done, she hung out on the counter checking out what was there. We have 2 bananas that I'm holding on to because I should make banana bread (but I never do, so I really should just throw them out). Maggie picked up the bananas and said "Hey Mom! I'm crushing you with the bananas!" (Wish I could say she got it from the Kids in the Hall; probably the Danimals Crush Cup Yogurt commercials)

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