Monday, May 18, 2009

Working Mother Dilemma

I enjoy my career. Notice I said career and not job. Maggie has been in daycare since she was 8 weeks old (which still seems much too young, now 3 years later) because I had to return to work -- I didn't have FMLA protection at the time, nor did I have much vacation time. Now, some days it is hard to drop her off, and some days it's not. And now she has preschool, which she just loves. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on part of the excitement of Maggie in preschool. I don't get to drop her off or pick her up from preschool and by the end of the day what she did in preschool is confused with what she may have done in daycare or may have done yesterday, or last week.

This week is the last week of preschool for the year and tomorrow is the last field trip -- to the zoo. I wasn't planning on going along and Rocky can't go either. With the new baby, I really can't afford to take extra time off "unnecessarily." But is this unnecessary? I love going to the zoo with Maggie. She loves animals and I get such a kick out of seeing her around the animals. I also enjoy seeing her interact with the other kids. I'm fortunate to work in an office that affords me the luxury of being able to be a part of both the working world and Maggie's preschool world.

On the other hand, it's probably good for Maggie to go to the zoo without Rocky or me for her to hang on. She has already told us that she needs to bring in her car seat tomorrow -- so I'm sure her teachers told her on Thursday and she is very very excited about going to the zoo and I doubt it will scar her for life if I'm not there.

And I seem to go through this with so many things that involve Maggie. I know I do not have to be there for each and every thing she does. I know even if I stayed home, I wouldn't get to experience EVERYTHING with her: she likes to play by herself (sometimes) and eventually, she will go to school.

In the end, I probably shouldn't go along and she'll be fine.

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