Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

It's Mother's Day! A day which, not surprisingly, means much more now that I AM a mother. Since Maggie's been old enough to hold a crayon, it seems daycare has created some wonderful Mother's Day gift, usually involving Maggie's handprint (which we unfortunately have yet to see something for Father's Day -- I think I'm going to have to get busy myself this year). This year's gift was no exception. The kids also made cards with a little poem, a handprint, a drawing of Mommy (I look happy in the drawing but appear to have a goatee ;) ) and list of questions the kids answered about their mommy. Here's Maggie's list, let's see how well she knows me:

My mommy has brown eyes. She has yellow hair.

My mommy likes to clean the house, read me stories and play the Mickey Mouse Club game.

My mommy is prettiest when she puts flowers and bows in her hair.

My mommy is 4 years old.

My mommy is funniest when she makes silly faces.

My mommy's favorite color is yellow.

I like it best when she cooks chicken nuggest and French fries.

She cooks everything good.

My mommy likes me to help her read "the Cat in the Hat" and clean up the house.

When I am nice she says good girl.

When I'm naughty she give me time out.

She is special because she is beautiful.
I'm not sure if they just asked the questions and wrote down their answers or if there was any prodding (or listening to other kids' answers -- as Maggie has never had a time out at home), but it's sweet and special anyway.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there, and especially my Mom and my Mother-in-law! I love you!

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