Friday, March 6, 2009

Daylight Saving Time

So, did you know it starts this weekend? Of the many many things Bush did during his presidency, this is the one that makes the least sense to me. I don't know that I have ever liked the time change, but making DST last longer just doesn't make sense. Does anyone wait to turn on their lights when they get home from work? Even on a bright sunny day, I turn on my lights. But the worst part to me is not that I'm going to lose an hour of sleep on Sunday (honestly, it will probably feel like sleeping in), but next week, when I get up for work, it will be dark as midnight, dark like winter. I get up early, usually between 5 and 5:30 am. Currently, the sun is just starting to rise when I'm done with my shower and, if not for DST, would be waking me at around 5 in probably about a week or so. But nooooo, for some odd-ball reason, the powers that be think we are saving electricity or coal or something by extending DST. I don't buy it. Maybe it made sense back when people did use more natural light. And when it's warmer: i.e. not March when Old Man Winter still likes to rear his ugly head and remind us that it's NOT SPRING YET. If it were warmer, we might actually utilize the natural light and go outside, but not when it's 14 degrees.

Now DST by itself I don't mind (except that if we didn't have DST here in Montana, during the summer, movies at the drive in would start before 10 p.m.), it's the change over that gets me. Let's either go with DST or ST, pick one and let's be done with it. Make the entire country stick with that one -- Arizona and those few hold out counties in Indiana. Stop the change over. I'm not looking forward to waiting another 3-4 weeks for it to be light out when I get up in the morning.

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