Sunday, March 22, 2009


Historically, I have not been a big fan of spring. Growing up, the end of winter meant mud, muck, puddles of water surrounding the house as the snow that had been present for at least 5 months melted. Spring also means that summer is just around the corner and with that, heat, humidity and staying in the house. Here in Montana, though, I am developing a new appreciation for spring. I don't know if it is Montana or a certain little girl that is helping me to learn to enjoy this season.

I took Friday off from work and Maggie and I enjoyed the day. We watched cartoons and then went shopping. Our excursion included about 2 hours at Barnes & Noble, where we had a little coffee date and read stories. Our afternoon was spent running around the backyard and rolling in the grass like Otis. When Rocky got home, we hung out in the garage and Maggie took Rocky on a trike ride.


Saturday, we enjoyed another nice day! We started our day at the Beartooth Nature Center in Red Lodge. The Nature Center cares for wild animals who are no longer able to care for themselves or who have been raised by humans and abandoned. Maggie really enjoyed seeing all the animals, especially Speedy the buffalo, the moose and the owls. She was upset when we had to leave.

We cheered her up when we got home by breaking out the chalk and putting up the tent to get it ready for camping this summer. She loved running in and out of the tent and was sad when we took it down this morning. I think it will be ready for our first camping trip, which is set for the first weekend in May to Yellowstone.

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