Thursday, March 19, 2009


A few items of note:
  • I have lost over 10 pounds using the Wii Fit. I've been using it somewhat regularly since the first of the year, and off and on in November and December of last year. I thought I had noticed my clothes fitting better, but wasn't sure. But the numbers didn't lie last night -- and I even did the Body Test 3 times just to make sure it was correct (the first time it did lie and told me I had lost 11 pounds since my last visit 12 days ago and I KNEW I hadn't lost that much, thus the other 2 tests).
  • Slush the first was located on Sunday afternoon. Maggie found him in the refrigerator of her play kitchen. Slush the second has not yet arrived from jolly old England, so once he does, he will go into hiding until the next time Slush the first decides to hide.
  • Maggie is getting better about alerting us to poopies. I got a call today from Preschool letting me know that she poopied on the potty there and was very excited (they even gave her a certificate). Apparently, she informed all her classmates that she could now get her fish. A few weeks ago, I told Maggie if she pooped on the potty 5 times, we would get her another fish. She actually hit the 5 times about a week and a half ago, but for some reason got fixated on the "I poop on the potty three more times when I get a fish. Fish is at the fish store." I couldn't get her to understand she was at 5, so we kind of let it go. I did call Rocky at work to tell him he may have to make a stop at the pet store on the way home.

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  1. WOOO! Go, Wendy! I'm really impressed-- 10 pounds?!?! I may need to get one of those Wii Fit things one of these days...:')