Monday, June 29, 2015

Character Meetings #DaileyDisneyAdventure

Jessie says this was the best part: getting everyone's autograph. 

Both girls were a little bit shy, but warmed up quickly to the idea of meeting characters.

My absolute favorite character meeting was the one that was completely unexpected: the wicked step sisters. We saw them as we were headed to the Carousel after Jessie's makeover. They were headed to get in line at the same time. Drucilla spotted Jessie and started talking to her. Jessie was shy, but in a very silly mood after the princess photographer so she got on board quickly. Drucilla even got her to agree to be their new maid since Cinderella left! I LOVED that Drucilla got down on Jessie's level, as did Anastasia and the Step Mother, and were completely in character. Even getting onto the carousel -- They were clumsy, loud, annoying, just like you would expect.

And the best part, to Jessie, meeting Elsa & Anna. Still in a very very silly mood. She played a little hide & seek with both and then started "melting" with Elsa. Anna was more playful, but it was exactly as you would expect!

I think the autograph books turned out pretty good (though I'm not sure how much I saved by not just buying them at Disney, especially as we're going to have to get photo albums for the girls as well).

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