Monday, July 6, 2015

Magic Kingdom #DaileyDisneyAdventure

The Magic Kingdom. The park most people think about when they think about Disney World. Cinderella's Castle, Main Street, Mickey Mouse.we had a day and a half here, our last day and a half. And I'm really happy this was the last; like a big finale, the build up, the big pay off. There's something for everyone here.

We began our 2nd to last day with some relaxation. We slept in, had a good breakfast at the hotel, played in the pool. We were the first ones at the pool and had it to ourselves for a while. It was nice to not have any place to be for a while and not be surrounded by a lot of people. We headed to the park for lunch. The girls loved taking the boat to the park [though I don't think we were took it back to the hotel].

We checked out Monster's Laugh Floor, which used the same technology as Turtle Talk with Crush. As we waited in line, we could text jokes in to be used in the show. They picked on people in the audience and each show is different, even different topics. We went twice.

We caught parts of a coupe of parades, but the girls just weren't interested in standing, in the sun. We rode the tea cups, It's a Small World, the Carousel and Stitch's Great Escape -- I'm pretty sure this was the Alien ride when I was last there. There was a short wait, so we decided to try it. I had read some bad reviews, but none mentioned that it was boring. I knew it would get dark and thought that might be enough to scare the girls. But even Jessie thought it was boring. As Maggie put it, nothing happened.

We met Merida, Tinker Bell and Ariel as a mermaid. We kept trying to talk Jessie into Splash Mountain, but she kept saying she didn't want to be splashed. I was able to use the app to get a Fast Pass for Rocky & Maggie after dinner. We ate at Be Our Guest. This was definitely for me! I really really wanted to try the "grey stuff" and it was delicious! We got to meet Beast after the meal. We also discovered that the thunder we assumed was part of the restaurant was actually part of a rain storm. And of course, for some reason I only brought 2 ponchos. So Maggie got one and Jessie & I shared one. We rode Its a Small World hoping the rain would let up before the fast pass time for Splash Mountain. The rain did not so we decided to head back to the hotel and try the ride the next day.

We got an early start on our last day as we had a 9 am appointment for Jessie at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. It was nice to be able to walk down Main Street without all the crowds. We were able to get family pictures with the Castle in the background. Then we split up and Jessie & I headed to the salon while Rocky & Maggie headed to Splash Mountain [and got on the very first car].

Jessie's time at the salon didn't take long and we met up with Rocky & Maggie at the Carousel where we saw the Evil Step Mother & Step Sisters. After, Maggie got her first real roller coaster ride on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (which she said was awesome) and Jessie wanted to see Its A Small World again. Then it was time for Maggie's pirate make over. We tried to do Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean, but ran out of time. Jessie got Rocky to do the Teacups again.

Lunch was at Cinderella's Castle and then we split up again! Maggie decided she didn't want to meet Anna & Elsa so I suggested the Haunted Mansion for them [she wasn't a fan]. They then headed back to the hotel for a break. Jessie & I checked out Mickey's PhilharMagic 3-D show while we waited for our Anna & Elsa FastPass time. Then we headed back to the hotel for a break.

The break was perfect. Time to cool off & sit for awhile. We started with riding the train to tomorrowland. The girls decided they didn't want to meet any more characters, though a glimpse of Woody & Jessie from the train almost changed their minds. We headed to find something to eat and by the time we had eaten, it was raining again. This time I had brought ponchos for everyone! Maggie wanted to try Splash Mountain again, but it wasn't running. Monsters Laugh Floor was having technical difficulties, so we headed for Mickey's PhilharMagic and started looking for other inside attractions. After the 3D show ended, the Laugh Floor was back up so we decided to go there one last time and then do a little shopping on Main Street. Because of the rain, the shops were crazy crowded, but Maggie was able to spend a little more of her money. And Jessie finally got some cotton candy.

They were getting Main Street set up for a parade, but again, the girls weren't interested so we headed back to the hotel. A short bus ride back and we enjoyed hanging around the hotel the rest of the evening. We checked out the gift shop and arcade. Did some packing. Jessie was completely fast asleep by 9. It was a good day.

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