Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hollywood Studios #DaileyDisneyAdventure

The only day we really set an alarm. I had set up a Fast Pass for 8 - 9 am at Toy Story Mania so we wanted to be sure to be at the park when it opened. This is one of THE most popular rides at Walt Disney World so I assumed there might be a wait even with the Fast Pass. We got to the bus stop at our hotel around 7 and waited. And waited. And waited. The bus finally showed up at 7:40 [as we had watched 3 busses for Animal Kingdom come & go]. There were a lot of others waiting with us AND a full bus showed up. We were the first on and still stood for the ride. So our day at Hollywood Studios was off to a rough start. And I was once again wishing we had started with a hearty breakfast.

We got to the park a little after opening and headed straight to Toy Story Mania. A short wait & we were in. This ride really lived up to the hype. Playing 3D arcade games hosted by different Toy Story characters while riding around to each different game was a blast. Even Jessie loved it.

We then went in search of breakfast and a place to sit and decide what to do next. We had quite a few options of what we wanted to do. We saw the MuppetVision 3D and Star Tours [ended up doing both of those twice]. The Muppets' show was the same show I saw back in the 90s (hello, Disney, definitely time for an update!), but the theater was cool and dark and never had more than a 10 minute wait to get in.
Star Tours was cool. And honestly the best part about the Star Wars Weekend. The girls weren't interested in watching any of the parades [sitting in the hot sun watching stuff go by? Not for them!] we did see a lot of characters walking around, but Darth Vader was the only one I recognized. Rocky wasn't interested in any of the character meets or special events. It might have been better to do this park a different day with less crowds as we probably would have gotten the Star Wars effect: the gift shop with the Star Wars toys wasn't going anywhere!! The girls both enjoyed Star Tours, which I was surprised Jessie liked it as I thought the motion ride would have really bugged her. And in our 2nd go around, she was the rebel spy [to Maggie's delight]. Maggie & Jessie each designed their own droid (like R2D2) and Maggie made her own light saber. Jessie picked out one and Rocky got a blaster (which he plans to paint to look like a "real" one).
And by going on a Star Wars weekend, we ended up missing the Beauty & the Beast show as I didn't realize it was only in the morning.

We had lunch at Pizza Planet & the girls enjoyed the arcade. Next stop was the Frozen Sing Along. Jessie sang along to every song and was grinning ear to ear through the entire show.  Some ice cream and then we split up so Jessie could see the Disney Junior show and Rocky & Maggie went to the Animation Station to see how movies are drawn and how they change -- Mushu was the host. I thought it was a drawing lesson, but I think Maggie enjoyed it. We ended the day with the Little Mermaid puppet show and then back to the hotel. Overall I think the day was a success. We missed the Indiana Jones show and The Great Movie Ride, which probably disappointed me than the others -- both were more for Rocky and me than the girls, so perhaps on the next trip.
That night Rocky & I went out and the girls enjoyed the evening at the Cub's Den, a kid watch spot and had a blast!

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