Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pirates League Review #DaileyDisneyAdventure

Maggie did not want to be a princess. As I knew she would probably like some sort of dress-up, and I knew a friend's daughter had gotten a mermaid make over once, I started looking for the other options. My search took me to "The Pirates League." So I asked Maggie and she thought she would like it and so we made reservations.  
Maggie decided she wanted to be the Pirate Empress (nothing to girly for this one!). Her package came with a t-shirt. We didn't have to wait very long once her name was called. The staff were all in "pirate" mode, with accents and lots of "yo ho" and "arrr". After getting into her t-shirt, the pirate took her to get her pirate name (even though Maggie is an option). She got to roll some dice which determined her pirate name "Kate Shimskull."

Then it was time for the actual make over. She got some eye make-up, a little glitter and some tattoos. A head scarf, eye patch & earring topped off her look. Her pirate make over guide then guided her through the pirate oath and got Maggie to say "Yo Ho!"

With her look complete, we were then led to a secret door where she was given her sword & sheath and a special gift which we aren't allowed to talk about ;)

The final step was to get a copy of her pirate oath with her pirate name printed on it & signed by Captain Jack Sparrow. We then attempted to ride Pirates of the Carribean, but it was experiencing technical difficulties so we decided to try again later (though then opted to not go when Haunted Mansion was not a hit).
Overall, this was a fantastic experience. I love that they have an option for those that are not interested in princesses but still want to do a dress up. I also love that this is open to ANYONE, even adults -- I didn't actually see any adults there. There are 2 "girly" options: Maggie's Pirate Empress and a Mermaid. They also have costume options, but I think Maggie was happy with the t-shirt options. Maggie really had fun and I enjoyed watching her. Total cost, with tax, was $77.

Maggie's thoughts: So I liked how they gave me a t-shirt & bandana with an eye patch and face jewels. I also got a doubloon but I won't say where I got it because it's a secret. I really liked how you get your pirate name. You go to this chest with dice in it and you have to turn it 3 times with a wheel like from a ship. My pirate name is Kate Shimskull.

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