Sunday, March 29, 2015

#Bod4God He's Not Done With Me Yet

Is that really me?? I'm not done; don't know that I'll ever be "done." But I'm so much further than I was 12 weeks ago. And I've been able to do more than I thought. My "secret" is the timeless combination of eating less and moving more. Just like Pastor Steve Reyonlds says in his book.

 I'm watching what I eat -- counting calories, being mindful of what I eat. I've discovered that is my downfall: eating because the food is there or because I'm bored. I'm much less likely to mindlessly eat if I'm writing down what I eat because it is hard enough to guess portion size when I pay attention! And I am trying to be honest when I write down how much I eat.

Moving more. My goal is 5-6 classes each week. Between Body & Soul bootcamp and our personal trainer, getting one or two more in isn't difficult. I do much better when I have the accountability of a class -- someone to tell me what to do next & many someone's who will ask where I was if I'm not there.

We have 2 more groups in this study. The last one is a 5k or walk "Celebration." I'm still trying to decide which I'm going to do. I know I need to challenge myself and do the 5k, if only to say I've done one and never need to do another. I'll see where God leads me!

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