Friday, January 30, 2015

Why you can't trust a scale #Bod4God

Ah the dreaded scale. I've spent most of my adult life trying to avoid it. We don't have a scale in our home, I've never spent money to purchase one and have zero plans to. It was my least favorite part of my OB visits when I was pregnant, even though I never gained that much. And once I really began working out, I tried to stay away, though it's there, asking me to come over, just a quick check, no one will know.

Except me. And when I would go, what I saw wasn't exactly encouraging. It rarely moved. In over a year of increased sweating, that darn scale simply refused to move much. This is something that would have stopped me from returning in the past. But this time, this past year, I haven't stopped. For whatever reason, I've continued to go, always thinking that eventually, someday, it's GOT to start working.

And now here I am in a weight loss competition. I lost 3 pounds in the first week, which I was proud of until I found out what some others had lost. One lost almost 15 pounds in the first week! I felt myself slipping into the old thoughts of "if you can't be the best, you shouldn't do it." But why should I let someone else's success diminish what I did? Here I am finally, FINALLY, seeing the scale move after so much time and I'm feeling bad because it wasn't as good as someone else?? Someone who perhaps wants to lose a lot more than I do. Their success has NOTHING to do with me. I can't let other's successes or failures define where I am or should be on my journey.

So, back to this competition. My plan was to only get on the scale Mondays at Bible study. The consistency of the same scale would be a better measure of my success [or set-backs]. Except I let my curiosity get the better of me & I got on the scale before spin class. Once again, when I saw the number was less than before, I started letting it affect my mood. Which is exactly what I don't want this to do.

But here's the thing: while I'm happy the number is going down, for a number of reasons, that number hasn't defined me in a very long time. I'm still more about how my clothes fit, how do I feel and making sure I can keep up at Disney! I am more than a number on the scale; I am a child of the King.

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