Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Journey Continues

Last year, I purchased a Fitbit to "assist" me with my health journey. I don't want to call it a weight-loss journey because that's not my ultimate goal. Health is my ultimate goal. I am still looking for that "one thing" to keep me motivated and I don't know that there can be just "one thing." I put on some pounds over the end of year holidays. I love to eat. I love food. I will probably never crave a carrot. But I am learning that no matter how good that doughnut tastes in the present, I'm usually regretting the choice within the hour (hello sugar crash!).

So back to my Fitbit. I wear it on my wrist and I have 2 different colored bands to change it up a bit. I use it as my morning alarm clock (and have only slept through it once!) and when I reach my step goal and the bit buzzes in celebration, I get excited. So I was really excited to see my year in review that recently came through my email. 910 MILES! 2.1 MILLION steps! I guess I should have realized, but holy cow. It is amazing to see it right there. Now, I do wish they included total calories burned because spin class, lifting don't show up in the number of steps I took [yeah, 788,000 calories burned!] nor does the number of active minutes (which I'm not able to find a total for).
I try to track food as well, but I'm not sure I'm doing the best job of estimate portion sizes.

I like that the Fitbit helps keep me going. I'm trying a few other things right now as well. Mostly because I need to figure out my motivation. I want to be healthy so I can live a long time and enjoy my girls growing up and maybe my grandchildren. I want to be able to enjoy this life and world with my husband. And I know I need to honor God by taking care of everything he has entrusted to me, which includes this body. I joined a Bible study at our church called "Bod4God." We had the kick off on Monday and start the weigh ins next week. I need to take some pictures for a comparison. My goal is 15 lbs over the next 12 weeks. 

I plan to write about this journey. Prayers for safe travels are appreciated!

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