Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Reginato, Rose of Malbec

Like a beautiful pink champagne, this sparkling Malbec is surprising, pleasing & delightful! Dry, lightly fruity. I was excited about trying this and while at first I wasn't sure, it truly is growing on me.

And, because I just love the label, I'm going to share it here:

Celebra cada dia con alegria. Vise y ama plenamente. Sigue tus suenos.

For over 50 years, the Reginato family has been making the Argentine wines including some of Mendoza's most sought after limited-production boutique sparkling wines ... Celestina, the family's late matriarch, believed it was essential to not only toast all of life's important events but also the small joys of everyday life.

So while this sparkling rose speaks of the rich Malbec grape, it never loses its light, refreshing nature. It will give you a good reason drink sparkling wine before dinner, with your main course, or even with dessert.

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