Monday, May 28, 2012

Maggie's Visit to the Hospital (in her words)

It was really fun. And I got to ride in a wheelchair. And they put a really weird thing on my finger. And I had a really good time there. I was nervous and threw up 2 times.
This was how Rocky & Maggie spent Mother's Day. Maggie had been complaining of a stomachache on and off for about a week. Over that weekend, she had a low grade fever and complained about her stomach. She even decided she didn't want to go to her friend's birthday party, so we knew she wasn't well. On Sunday, we talked about taking her in, but started looking like she was perking up. Around noon, it really hit her. Rocky took her to SameDay care. She was very green when they left. Rocky called me when they got sent over to the ED. Maggie had thrown up in the waiting room and her temperature shot up so Maggie got a wheelchair ride. The ED doc gave her some anti-nausea medicine which Rocky said turned her back into her old self. He ruled out an appendicitis & ran some more tests to figure out what was wrong. The final conclusion was an infection,  probably a UTI.

They got through the Pharmacy fairly quickly and picked up McDonald's on the way home for Maggie.

It was an odd way to spend Mother's Day, but with Maggie healthy, it's a nice reminder of what is really important: my healthy happy girls!
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