Sunday, October 9, 2011

la Maialina Gertrude

gertrude “Little Pig” wine.  This is actually my last bottle of wine from the September Wine Club.  I had put it down in my “cellar” in hopes that I could make the 3 bottles last through the month.  Then Rocky bought me a box red which, while not fancy, is nice enough for a glass or two on a week night.  And now, here it is October.  I have 3 new bottles awaiting me, yet here was my little pig, Gertrude, just waiting for me.  I’m not sure what happened to my cheat sheet from Simply Wine, so this is from the label:

Rosso Toscana, 2008.  Dry Red Wine.  La Maialina celebrates the history, culture and cuisine of Tuscany, prized since antiquity for its rich soil and favorable climate.  The name La Maialina “little pig” references the Cinta Senese heirloom breed that originated in the Siena area during the 1300 and is the only Tuscan native pig to survive extinction.  Gertrude is unique because she does not have the cinta (belt) marking but rather is all pink.  Her name is symbolic of artistic character and strength, and within the wines of La Maialina, she represents diversity and expression. Gertrude is a simple, yet powerful Tuscan wine, ready to be enjoyed now or in the next few years.

I opened Gertrude Friday evening.  I think I need to get a decanter because she is definitely much better today, after spending 2 days in the fridge and sitting for about 30 minutes before I poured my glass this afternoon.  She is advertised as a dry red wine and she does not disappoint.  As the weather turns colder, my wine selections turn more to reds anyway and even though dry reds are not my first choice, I’m enjoying this one.  She is a blend of 3 grapes, Sangiovese, Merlot & Cabernet. 

I think I would enjoy her with a nice pasta dinner with my homemade meat sauce, which this time around got rather spicy.  I think this unassuming wine would be a nice compliment.

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