Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Value of a Dollar, revisited


Like every other 5 year old, Maggie loves toys and loves to look at toys in the store and tell us what toys she “needs.”  About a year ago, we started giving her an allowance intermittently.  And we’ve also been taking the Dave Ramsey course and he talks about teaching your children the value of a dollar, making them earn their money, and teaching them about spending, saving and giving.  So I got her 3 coin purses and marked them  “Spend”  “Save” “Give”.  Whenever we gave her money or if she got money, we prompted her to divide it up and put some in each purse.  Sometimes she is very generous and wants to put it all in the give purse (though she hasn’t had an opportunity to even put it in the collection plate at church).  Lately, though, she has been talking about needing a new toy.  So, today, before our trip to Wal-Mart, we got her purse and her bank and counted her coins to see how much she could spend.  Quite surprisingly, she had over $15.  We loaded up her coin purse and headed out.

At Wal-Mart, Rocky took Maggie to the toy section and I did the grocery shopping.  They were back before I was done.  She found a Zoobles habitat for exactly $15.  She carried that toy through the store and up to the counter.  Rocky & I helped count out her coins (and the cashier said she was happy to get so many quarters and dimes)!

We decided the habitat should be a kitchen counter toy where Jessie can’t get it.  Maggie is very pleased with her purchase!



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