Friday, March 18, 2011

Shoofly Wine, Wine of Australia

The name of this wine takes me back to my elementary school days when potty humor was the best kind and we loved to sing the "Shoo Fly" song. We'd get to the last line and sing "I'm very busy now." Tacking on "VERY busy now" with that knowing look on our faces.

I purchased this wine from Simply Wine, deciding I needed to after their Facebook post (Hi my name is Wendy and I'm addicted to Facebook). I got the Merlot based on the sellers recommendation and the Freckle, well, because I have freckles and think freckles are adorable. And yes that IS a good enough reason to pick a wine.

Tonight I'm enjoying the Freckle. I do like it which is kind of surprising. It'a fairly oaky and I'm not typically a fan of oaky whites. It's made from the "freckly" Roussanne grape, "and a few friends". The label boasts honeysuckle and peach flavors. It's a fun white and I think it will be a nice deck wine this summer.
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