Thursday, March 31, 2011


A few new Maggie-isms

  • They are learning about weather in Pre-K (and a little from the movie "Up"). As we were driving home from work one day, she looked out the window and said "Mom, look at those cutie-o-nimbus clouds!"

  • Maggie is really into the whole princess thing right now. She loves to watch all 3 (yes there are 3) Cinderella movies. She told Rocky that she has a "true love." But as she wants it to be a "family secret", I won't divulge the object of her affection.

  • After watching "Tangled" last night (which really is a cute movie), Rocky asked Maggie if he could kiss a girl. She said no, he has to kiss a woman. So, of course, he asked if he could kiss any woman. She replied "No! Only the woman you love!"

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